Retreat Workshop

Come and spend the entire weekend with Ann and Eugene Bourgeois of Philosopher's Wool - you can read all about them here . They are very well know for their beautiful Fair Isle sweaters, they wrote a book Fair Isle Simplified and have produced a DVD about their 2 handed Fair Isle knitting including stories about the farm and their business development.
This weekend you will actually start your sweater. You should come prepared with your yarn all wound and the cuff of the first sleeve knit.
On Friday you will meet Ann and Eugene, Saturday they will teach their 2 handed fair isle technique, in which the left hand knits the continental way and the right the North American way. This method result is no puckering, no tangles and easy knitting. This is a quick knitting method for 2 colours and is easy to learn. They will be teaching this in the morning and with a bit of practice you will be knitting Fair isle faster and better than ever.

In the afternoon after you have mastered the 2 handed fair isle you will see a demonstration in steeking. Several sweaters will be safely cut and made ready for the finishing. The finishing techniques will be gone over also.

After you finish this workshop you will be very confident to knit and finish your philosopher's wool sweater.
On Sat evening we will have a nice social get together and hear stories from the farm from Ann and Eugene.

Please have a look around Ann and Eugene's web site. They have a sample video of the 2 handed fair isle and much more information.

Did you know Eugene is listed as one of the top 10 men in knitting on knitty - he is listed below Uncle Sam.

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